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"artist of the highest caliber…at the end of the Schumann Fantasie, Chung left the audience with a lingering resonance." 

"Ravel La Valse was powerful; Chung displayed an extravagant facility and showed the true essence of the 20th century music."

Korea Times-Washington 

"If Steinway made any less sturdy a piano, Chung would have torn the instrument apart" 

"Chung's delicate tone painting and fluid technique…" 

Concert Review -Rochester, New York 

"Mozart K576 was totally lucid, deftly articulated…its sound fell gracefully on the ear and the basic architectural proportion were admirable" 

"Chopin Sonata was most exhilarating in the Presto Finale, which the technically confident young pianist played unflinchingly at a "take no prisoners" tempo that brought to mind Dinu Lipatti's legendary recording." 

American Record Guide-New York 

"…technically terrific, lyrical passages flowed like water…Chopin encore was satisfyingly indulgent." 

Tacoma News Tribune-Washington 


"…and then came the real "bomb": the Korean Eun Joo Chung who plays Mozart as if she herself wrote the piece. Finally a pianist who knows to sing. In playing Chopin, she leads us to the far destinations of emotion. She deserves a special prize for imagination and creativity. CHUNG. Remember the name!" 

Hanoch Ron, Yediot Acharonot (The Other News) -Israel 

"…the "Triptych" by Tzvi Avini turned to an astonishing drama under the gentle hands of Eun Joo Chung, who managed to remove every profane dust from this piece. Her Mozart was neither classical nor romantic, but expressionist- modern and exotic." 

Ido Abrabaya, Ha'aretz (The Land)-Israel 

"...such a noble, poetical, musical and special pianist, Chung will undoubtedly make her path and find her place on the map of performers as she leaves an unforgettable impression" 

Ora Binur, Ma'ariv (The Evening Paper)-Israel 

"Eun Joo Chung is an outstanding and a special artist, who is deeply convinced in what she is doing, and succeeds in convincing her audience too. She has a special ability, to give meaning to things, which is shown especially in modern music, like the Barber Sonata that she played in a fascinating manner." 

Ido Abrabaya, Ha'aretz (The Land)-Israel 

"…her playing of Chopin was bewitched and brought to this stage the only moments of elevation." 

Amir Mandel, Ha'ir (The City Paper)-Israel 


"A laureate of the Kosciuszko Foundation Piano Competition in New York- a Korean pianist from Seoul, Eun Joo Chung turned out to be the greatest personality of the Festival." 

"…there were superb moments in the Schumann Kreisleriana that swept the audience away with a neck breaking tempo." 

Dziennik Katolicki (Catholic Daily)-Poland 

"She has a beautifully controlled, rich in variety of sound, which allowed for a graceful, tasteful and precise performance of a sonata by Mozart…" 

Gazeta Dolnoslaska (Salesian Paper)-Poland 

"Eun Joo Chung, who is incredibly subtle, focused in her interpretations of a very diverse program- from Rameau to Frank Martin" 

Slwo Polskie (Polish Word)-Poland 

"I have not heard in a long time (since the performances of Dong Tai Sun) such a subtly refined rendition of Chopin's music, such impeccable technique and expressive playing. She is an outstanding talent." 

Gosc niedzielny (Sunday Guest)-Poland 

"The artist made a significant impression on the audience. She should be recognized for precise technical playing, impeccable, clean and nearly sterile. She beautifully chooses colors and plans her sound, varies dynamics and articulation, brings out to life some very delicate emotional shades of music." 

"…she played gloriously: deeply concentrated, unusually musical, and spontaneous in her interpretations of music by Chopin, Schubert and Barber. She demonstrated impeccable technique, independence of expression in both hands and a rarely heard sound imagination." 

Ruch muzyczny ( Musical Movement)-Poland 


"…she possesses an admirable sound quality with an utmost facility…" 

Spettacoli -Italy 

"… a strong deliverance of intensity and warmth…" 

La Stampa (The Press)-Italy 

"The heart of Eun Joo Chung in a grand interpretation of the Rachmaninoff 3rd concerto…" 

La Sesia -Italy 

"Brahms concerto No.1 filled with suspense and mysticism… a remarkable sense of architecture and natural sensitivity…" 

Spettacoli Cronaca -Italy 

[Rachmaninoff 3rd Concerto] "she pours her heart into it, vigorously attacking the dense composition without ever neglecting the delicacy of its subtle hues. When Rachmaninoff demands greater physical commitment, the Korean pianist doesn't recoil, handling each arduous passage with fierce determination. Despite having only a single rehearsal with the orchestra before the concert, she succeeds ( perhaps miraculously) in maintaining a measured composure, confronting the music with purity and dexterity without ever succumbing to melodrama." 

Corriere (The Courier)-Italy 

[Brahms Piano Concerto No.1] "she won the audience over immediately from the first notes when the orchestra's introduction came to a close…the effect of the sound obtained…suspended between brave heroism and classical clarity." 

La Stampa (The Press)-Italy 


"…in her performance of Mozart concerto K 467 in such a close contact with the orchestra, brought us a range of emotions and energy…" 

Dortmunder Kultur (Dortmund Culture)-Germany 


"We will never forget Eun Joo Chung's Mozart Concerto K 595…." 

Trata & Texnee -Greece

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